Don't Let Dialysis Drain Issues Affect Your Facility, Patients and Staff

No matter how big or small a dialysis treatment center is it has drain issues generated by the used dialysate. The by-products or waste drawn out of the blood during dialysis create odors much like urine would, making for an unpleasant atmosphere for both patients and staff.

 The same waste noted above, creates a bio-film on drain walls that attracts drain flies that feed and breed in the bio-film. These pests become a nuisance to both patients and staff.

As bio-film continues to grow inside the drain pipes the odors become worse and flow slows in the drains, eventually causing blockages that need to be rooted out at additional expense.

For staff members working in dialysis facilities for 8 – 13 hours a day these problems can affect their work attitude and their interactions with patients.

For patients themselves, the experience of going through kidney dialysis is stressful enough without having to sit for hours at a time being bombarded by odors and irritating drain flies. If the situation is not controlled, those patients may seek alternate care facilities.

All of this combined affects not only the operations of the dialysis facility, but also the image and reputation of the facility. A facility that controls these problems will be able to maintain and increase its clientele.

United has the Solution!

With a two-pronged approach, United Laboratories, Inc. will help to eliminate odors and drain flies and other insects, while significantly reducing or eliminating the need to clean drain lines.

The end result – a more pleasant environment for both patients and staff, with a program that will also reduce costs of regular drain cleanings.

United’s Dialysis Drain Maintenance Program

United has paired together two products, to work effectively on the problems previously noted in dialysis drains. Both of these products are part of our BIO-BRIGADE, bio-based, product line which is developed to be safer in use and safer for the environment.

After completing the last cleaning and disinfecting routine of your dialysis equipment each day, allow about 15 minutes for the drains to clear and then treat the drains with…


BIO BRIGADE DEVOUR-DX is a specially formulated blend of microbes selected for their ability to bio-degrade high volumes of grease, proteins from dialysate discharge, long-chain fatty acids and bio-film that can build-up in dialysis treatment drains. It contains patented gram-positive bacterial strains and promicrobials which are capable of fast degradation of Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG). Regular use will reduce blockages and odors significantly.

DEVOUR-DX is Earth Smart® Certified, VOC-free and bio-based. It has an effective pH range of 4.5 to 9.8 and works with an effective temperature range of 38°– 145°F.

By devouring the bio-film in the drains, DEVOUR-DX will:

Treat floor drains, dialysate/chaise drains, drain lines and drain hoses.


BIO BRIGADE DRAIN MEMBRANE is poured into the drain after treating drain with DEVOUR-DX. While DEVOUR-DX continues working on the bio-film build-up within the drains, DRAIN MEMBRANE floats on top of the water line to form a barrier membrane.

Formulated with United’s Fresh Air Technology™, DRAIN MEMBRANE will leave the area smelling refreshed with its peppermint oil, which has been proven to provide relief of respiratory problems: helps in clearing the respiratory tract; works as an effective expectorant and therefore provides instantaneous, though temporary, relief in numerous respiratory problems including nasal congestion, sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis, cold and cough. When vapors are inhaled, peppermint oil helps clear nasal and respiratory congestion immediately.

At the same time, it actively works as an EPA exempt pesticide to eliminate drain flies and other insects on contact, while also limiting access to their food source.

DRAIN MEMBRANE utilizes Fresh Air Technology™ to effectively seal off the drains to:


With DRAIN MEMBRANE you can freshen the air in dialysis treatment rooms and kill insects.

Used together, this BIO BRIGADE duo of products will eliminate dialysis drain problems; eliminate complaints about odors and bugs; and reduce costs of cleaning dialysis drains.


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